Tuesday, April 3, 2012

she gave me an old box filled with dirty words and farm animals. now that's friendship.

so katyefriend (click here to read more about her, see item ten) texted me a few days ago telling me that she had a surprise for me.  she had been cleaning out her mother-in-law's storage room (that just happens to be filled with vintage goodies) and apparently found something that suited me.  i told her that i love surprises.  and then i asked her what it was.  that's how i do.  she wouldn't tell me.  so obvi, i imagined her taking a chainsaw to the house and bringing back that entire room on a trailer strapped down with pretty pink ribbons.

not the case.   

but still.  a case.  a 1932 case, in fact.  today, katyefriend dropped off my surprise:  "the classroom printer".  it's a case filled with stamps - words and pictures.  it has a printer's block with level to keep all your words straight.  

the classroom printer, 1932.  the classroom mother, younger.
look at all those dirty words!
look at all those dirty animal words!
the streetcar and the bird.  this is a mostly pg rated blog.  so i left the farm animals out.

and it has a clamp that holds multiple stamps for making words out of individual letters or if you want to get a little crazy, compound words.  take for instance the word i made.  buffaloegg.  those poor buffalo.  we gave them wings.  and now we're giving them eggs. 

can you make a compound word?  try it!  i believe in you!

seriously.  this is one of the best gifts i've ever received (nothing ranks quite as high as this one, though) and li'l tot thought so, too.  the minute i opened it, she started playing.  she made words and sentences.  she grabbed the pictures and verified that they were what they were labeled.  when she got to lincoln's picture, li'l tot ran and got her lincoln book and compared the pictures.  approved!  also.  like any decent homeschooling mom, i took that opportunity to remind her that she should remember lincoln as our past president and not as a vampire hunter.

i see lincon & washington.  li'l tot made this sentence.  it's creepy.  like 6th sense creepy.
no one in their right mind would believe a man with wavy hair could hunt vampires.
i'm so grateful for katyefriend.  and i hope she knows how much this gift means to me.  i mean.  after all.  i didn't germ-x immediately after opening the box.  instead.  i hugged her.  and maybe wiped my hands on her back.  

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

it probably wasn't jesus. or tom. but still. i covered up my windows the next day.

i live on a small lake. they call it that to raise the property value. i'm okay with that. and for the longest time, i was okay with not having window treatments on any of the back windows and glass doors. it kept my hubby from walking around in his boxers. the view is serene.

but a little over a year ago, li'l tot ran to my room in the middle of the night crying. she had gotten up to go potty. and when she was washing her hands, she said she saw jesus. outside. staring though the glass door. and he was black. dude. we vote for jesus every time. but this time? um. idk. i mean. if she had seen him in the mirror, probably i'd be okay. probably.

i put her back into bed and told her that there was nothing to fear if it was jesus. and she fell asleep. and then i stayed awake until the sun came up. i shoved breakfast down my girls' throats when they woke up and drove them to home depot. to buy blinds and curtains. did you know they open at six am? well they do. <--- i feel like an ad-in-script. you know. like when you're watching a show and the one guy is like. wow, you can park like a mothah. and then lady is like. it's because of the thirty back-up cameras and motion sensors (along with artificial intelligence) they put on my 2012 toyota prius.

anyhow. my back windows and glass doors now have window treatments that i close every night.

and all this was just to let you know: i finally made window treatments for my girls' bookshelf dollhouses. bam.

ps. have you entered my mary kay giveaway? win a lip gloss and mineral eye color set! open your curtains and let the world see pretty!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

beauty is in the eye of the beholder. just be sure to add a little liner and mascara around that eye. aka giveaway 22.

so the other day, i was hanging out with vivien. she's my cousin. and an independent beauty consultant with marykay. now. i'm not a big cosmetics person. but i can appreciate a good tinted m*isturizer. and concealer. and powder foundation. and makeup brush. and eyeliner. and brow color. and slice of bacon.

anywax, vivien had her skin care inventory out (along with some other goodies) and she wanted to try them out on me. her husband was hiding at work. and my hubby was pretending to nap. which left me sitting there covered in whatever she had squeezed into her sample wells. all 10 of them. and you know. i actually enjoyed the products. except for the satin lips mask (which comes with a balm). it's not like there was anything wrong with it. my lips were soft and pretty and fine after the treatment. i just didn't like the gritty texture and bitter taste. apparently, you're not supposed to lick your lips when buffing them. result: it'll feel like you're eating sand. for the next two hours. i wonder how l.l. cool j survives a lip mask.

other items that graced my face included marykay's timewise microdermabrasion set (it's not as painful as it sounds. i wonder if i could sub it in for my ped egg), timewise firming eye cream, timewise miracle set (which includes a cleanser, m*isturizer, day solution with sunscreen, and night solution), and oil free eye makeup remover (i loved this stuff. it was so gentle. and it didn't leave my skin feeling dry or stiff. the thing is, though. *does the double hand weighing scale balance thing*. if i use it, i have to reapply my eye makeup every morning).

vivien also had me try out marykay's fragrance-free satin hands hand cream. it was nice. my hands felt extra soft after i used them. of course, they're always delicate and soft. mainly because i don't lift a single finger to do an ounce of work i take great pride in protecting them from harsh conditions. i especially like that it's fragrance-free. the closer it is to natural, the better. unless we're talking about justin bieber's new perfume. i gotta get my soft hands on that! that's what she said.

the most impressive product of the day was the mineral powder foundation. i mean. i've tried out several brands (including bareminerals, neutrogena, loreal, almay, and physicians formula) and marykay is by far my favorite. it's smooth. it's silky. and it has buildable coverage. that means. you use as little as you want. and if you need more, you add more and it'll cover more. which is kinda like the opposite of layering clothes for hot flashes. <--- you take off more for those.

the tub it comes in has a locking top so the powder doesn't go everywhere. you can throw the foundation in your purse, make-up bag (check out marykay's travel roll-up bag), etc and open the lid without worrying about wasting your product on the lid or even worse - the floor. also. have you ever spilled powder foundation onto the floor and then brushed (marykay has the softest foundation brush!) it up to use it? yeah. me neither...

want some of your own marykay products to play with? or eat? you know you do! visit vivien's personal marykay page now and place your order without even leaving your seat. you'll be surprised by the prices!

and you know what else? right now, on my blog, i'm having a giveaway!

one lucky reader will win a mini nourishine plus lip gloss set (that includes six shades) AND two mineral eye colors (spun silk and iris)!

this giveaway is only open to usa and canada residents. sorry. no overseas entries. your exotic location is just too much for me to handle thereby making you ineligible. i still like you so much.

if you do live in the usa or canada, all you have to do to enter is check off the appropriate entries in the rafflecopter entry box below (remember to leave a safe way for me to contact you). so go ahead and play. win an awesome mini lip gloss set and two eye colors from my cousin vivien, independent beauty consultant with marykay. you have until 12:01am est on monday, april 2, 2012.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

and now for the fine print. it's more small print than fine. contest starts as soon as this is posted. it ends at 12:01am on monday, april 21, 2012 est. one entry per person - unless you participate in the optional additional steps. in that case, you'll get a maximum of ... a lot ... of entries. if you do not follow the rules, you're not a rule follower. psh, i tell it like it is. chances of winning depend on the number of entries. raise your chances of winning by not telling anyone. lower your chances by telling everyone you know. this contest is open to you - whether i know you or not. this is my 22nd giveaway. if i have a positive response, i'll have more giveaways to bring you back. if i don't have a positive response, i'll still have more giveaways to bring you back. by entering this giveaway, you agree to abide by the rules i've stated or not stated. and i can change the rules whenever i please. it's a woman's prerogative. this is a review in conjunction with a giveaway. i received the mentioned items complimentary and specifically for review. i did not receive anything else - monetary or otherwise. i was not required to write a positive review. this lovely post you just read is comprised of my own personal opinions. i say what i want, yo. also. please note. the prize picture shows full sized lip glosses. winner will receive 0.01oz mini sized lip glosses in the same colors.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

it's gumdrop candy sweet how they're just so in love with dollhouses. and that's what i tell folks to cover up my own obsession.

lately i've been looking at dollhouses. and i wanted one. for my girls. of course. and i found an intricate tutorial on how to make a two-story dollhouse. so i set out to have my hubby build one. but then i was like. man. i'd have to have my hubby build two. my girls share anything like it's got chocolate and fairy dust on it. so that idea was scrapped pretty quickly.

i went back to the drawing board aka pinterest. and that's when i saw the genius idea to transform a bookcase into a dollhouse. let me tell you friends. i have two bookcases that are made up of three units that are split in half and have two shelves each. and because i can't figure out exactly how many sections that makes - and because i'm not about to get up out of my seat and count the sections, i'm just going to let you know that i cleared out enough space to create two dollhouses.

my hubby measured and cut out additional "walls". and i wallpapered the walls with scrapbooking paper. my hubby found some old paneling and gave the dollhouse wood flooring. then he attached the extra walls. additional touches include puck lighting in each room and air conditioning. also. i'm kidding on the a/c. it's more like an oscillating fan. basically, i blow into the dollhouse using a side to side motion. this ventilates the rooms. and gets the dust out of the cracks.

from there, i simply added - and am still adding - decorative accents.

i made little windows - each with a lovely view outside. (i used a frame die and added on cross bars. i cut out pics from magazines and attached them onto the back. with glue.)

i made beds. (i used soap boxes and scrapbooking papers. and glue.)

i made pillows. (i used blood, sweat, and tears. and maybe i used glue. but not in the way you're supposed to use it.)

i made chairs. (i used a shoe box and cut out strips and folded them into the chair shape. and glue.) and i made a table. (i used a tiny vintage plate and glue caps. and glue.)

oh wait. before i made all these items, i had to find the perfect doll. have you heard of lalaloopsy? bam. one: they fit in well with the whole whimsical feel of the dollhouse. and two: their heads are so big that they flop from side to side. idk. i can pick any reason i want.

now. keep in mind. i still have much more to do. i'm currently working on curtains. and a bathtub. and a bomb shelter. or anything that requires glue. white school glue, to be exact. i love peeling off the dried glue from my fingers. i always pretend i'm a spy taking off my fake fingerprints when i do that. also. i used that last line in my previous post. you can look for it and pretend you're a spy, too. without all the mess. yay!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

truffula tree garden. no trees were harmed in the making of this garden. well. sort of.

it's seuss week here. and so far, we've had green eggs and ham for breakfast. we've made green eggs and bacon candies. we've made up silly rhymes (whilst avoiding words like chuck and... chuck). and we've made gardens. truffula tree gardens.

they're pretty simple. i'm sure you can figure out what i've done. but i'm going to give you the play-by-play anyway. mainly so i can log down my actions. and read them back in captain jean-luc picard's voice. and because i'm tired and if i'm sitting in front of the computer typing, it looks like i'm working. when really. i'm just mentally laying on the beach in figi. probably face down drowning in the sand. but still.

but wait. before i go over the umpteen steps to making a truffula tree garden, i want to touch base on a couple of things. like this: i'm rarely here anymore. it's okay, though. right? i mean. i believe our friendship is so strong, it can withstand my absence. not to be confused with abscess - which i almost typed out. dude. also. it would seem that i actually don't have anymore things to go over. so. on to the tutorial.

step one. gather your supplies. to make a truffula garden, you will need:

  • mini (party size) play doh. complete with dough inside.
  • a 1 inch strip of paper to cover the dough container.
  • 3 popsicle sticks.
  • 3 glitter poms.
  • multi-color yarn.
  • glue.
  • scissors.

step two. cover your play doh container: take the lid off. put some glue on the outside of the container. put your paper over it. the best part of this step is the little lip on the top of the container. it catches your paper and helps you hold it.

step three. wrap yarn around the popsicle stick: add glue to the stick. start at one end and begin wrapping the yarn around the stick until you get to the other end. the best part of this step is the extra glue that you get to peel off of your fingers. i always pretend i'm a spy taking off my fake fingerprints when i do that.

step four. cut a glitter pom about 1/4 of the way in towards the middle: remember in my title. where it said no trees were harmed in the making of this garden? and then i added a "well. sort of."? this isn't that part yet. wait for it.

step five. add the pom to the stick: and here's the "sort of." because you've got to shove that stick all the way up into the pom. but first. you have to add glue to the stick. ouch.

step six. plant your garden: place your finished truffula tree in the play doh. and repeat the steps until you have three trees in your garden. why three? because i was once told landscaping worked best with odd numbers. and also because i thought each one of my personalities deserved a tree.

and voila. there you have it. i hope you enjoyed the post. and i hope your garden grows with only sunshine and love. and i also hope you can forgive me for the graphic picture in step five.

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