Thursday, October 9, 2008


soh! askwi dkoxm los sldighj slso! eillf kopwkfd ldkogi. jd sowilg!

apparently, i can't type when i'm jumping up and down and laughing. but now that i've settled. dude! i mean. du-uuuu-ude!

i just received this perfectly fitting card from my amazing etsian friend shauna (owner of lemondropstudio). and she sent it just because. erm. just because *she's* awesome! shauna, you rock. thanks for making my day. and you are so totally my bff for the rest of the week.

i'm just so plislo! lkdioil sleo. wopdlkgp! sooieslkjb cbipgoj psoqqowkijg sldkpw dkgopkl sbnmxoi! cammois ksoil oasibosi losid asoiqqkdow! ao sli! ooiel godp spdoll;sk dkow! oooh. ok. i think i just pulled a muscle.

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Ashley said...

It IS perfect for you! How can I compete?

Shauna said...

You made my MONTH. You are basically my hero and I wish we could hold hands and skip around the block. dude. enjoy your card and thanks for the shout out!!

Jen said...

That is really cute! Can I have some of your happy pills please?

kim* said...


Terri said...

Your post make my day!!!!

Zingo Tots said...

You are funny! Loved eating your blog! OMG...I just asked my baby, "Are you done eating?" ...and it made me type eating instead of reading! Funny, so it stays! Thanks for signing up for my giveaway!

amber said...

I had NO idea she had 'dude' cards. The ones I have say 'hello'- I love her shop and she lives in my hood. Bet your jealous.. Shauna and I will be skipping around the block without you. lol.

brightonEarly said...

haha! I love it!

w said...

oh amber. she made that card just for me. me!


though i'm told that very soon, she may make those cards for you.

and by you i mean everyone.

but the first ever dude card was made for me.


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