Thursday, March 22, 2012

beauty is in the eye of the beholder. just be sure to add a little liner and mascara around that eye. aka giveaway 22.

so the other day, i was hanging out with vivien. she's my cousin. and an independent beauty consultant with marykay. now. i'm not a big cosmetics person. but i can appreciate a good tinted m*isturizer. and concealer. and powder foundation. and makeup brush. and eyeliner. and brow color. and slice of bacon.

anywax, vivien had her skin care inventory out (along with some other goodies) and she wanted to try them out on me. her husband was hiding at work. and my hubby was pretending to nap. which left me sitting there covered in whatever she had squeezed into her sample wells. all 10 of them. and you know. i actually enjoyed the products. except for the satin lips mask (which comes with a balm). it's not like there was anything wrong with it. my lips were soft and pretty and fine after the treatment. i just didn't like the gritty texture and bitter taste. apparently, you're not supposed to lick your lips when buffing them. result: it'll feel like you're eating sand. for the next two hours. i wonder how l.l. cool j survives a lip mask.

other items that graced my face included marykay's timewise microdermabrasion set (it's not as painful as it sounds. i wonder if i could sub it in for my ped egg), timewise firming eye cream, timewise miracle set (which includes a cleanser, m*isturizer, day solution with sunscreen, and night solution), and oil free eye makeup remover (i loved this stuff. it was so gentle. and it didn't leave my skin feeling dry or stiff. the thing is, though. *does the double hand weighing scale balance thing*. if i use it, i have to reapply my eye makeup every morning).

vivien also had me try out marykay's fragrance-free satin hands hand cream. it was nice. my hands felt extra soft after i used them. of course, they're always delicate and soft. mainly because i don't lift a single finger to do an ounce of work i take great pride in protecting them from harsh conditions. i especially like that it's fragrance-free. the closer it is to natural, the better. unless we're talking about justin bieber's new perfume. i gotta get my soft hands on that! that's what she said.

the most impressive product of the day was the mineral powder foundation. i mean. i've tried out several brands (including bareminerals, neutrogena, loreal, almay, and physicians formula) and marykay is by far my favorite. it's smooth. it's silky. and it has buildable coverage. that means. you use as little as you want. and if you need more, you add more and it'll cover more. which is kinda like the opposite of layering clothes for hot flashes. <--- you take off more for those.

the tub it comes in has a locking top so the powder doesn't go everywhere. you can throw the foundation in your purse, make-up bag (check out marykay's travel roll-up bag), etc and open the lid without worrying about wasting your product on the lid or even worse - the floor. also. have you ever spilled powder foundation onto the floor and then brushed (marykay has the softest foundation brush!) it up to use it? yeah. me neither...

want some of your own marykay products to play with? or eat? you know you do! visit vivien's personal marykay page now and place your order without even leaving your seat. you'll be surprised by the prices!

and you know what else? right now, on my blog, i'm having a giveaway!

one lucky reader will win a mini nourishine plus lip gloss set (that includes six shades) AND two mineral eye colors (spun silk and iris)!

this giveaway is only open to usa and canada residents. sorry. no overseas entries. your exotic location is just too much for me to handle thereby making you ineligible. i still like you so much.

if you do live in the usa or canada, all you have to do to enter is check off the appropriate entries in the rafflecopter entry box below (remember to leave a safe way for me to contact you). so go ahead and play. win an awesome mini lip gloss set and two eye colors from my cousin vivien, independent beauty consultant with marykay. you have until 12:01am est on monday, april 2, 2012.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

and now for the fine print. it's more small print than fine. contest starts as soon as this is posted. it ends at 12:01am on monday, april 21, 2012 est. one entry per person - unless you participate in the optional additional steps. in that case, you'll get a maximum of ... a lot ... of entries. if you do not follow the rules, you're not a rule follower. psh, i tell it like it is. chances of winning depend on the number of entries. raise your chances of winning by not telling anyone. lower your chances by telling everyone you know. this contest is open to you - whether i know you or not. this is my 22nd giveaway. if i have a positive response, i'll have more giveaways to bring you back. if i don't have a positive response, i'll still have more giveaways to bring you back. by entering this giveaway, you agree to abide by the rules i've stated or not stated. and i can change the rules whenever i please. it's a woman's prerogative. this is a review in conjunction with a giveaway. i received the mentioned items complimentary and specifically for review. i did not receive anything else - monetary or otherwise. i was not required to write a positive review. this lovely post you just read is comprised of my own personal opinions. i say what i want, yo. also. please note. the prize picture shows full sized lip glosses. winner will receive 0.01oz mini sized lip glosses in the same colors.

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Insanitykim said...


I find the mineral eyecolor bundle for brown pretty awesome because they use blue as a shadow and most brown-eyed peeps don't think to use blue. But I am so fashion-forward I was doing this in highschool 20+ years ago. Of course I was using electric blue and sky blue but, I am still pretty fashion forward...

tristan said...

so you mean to tell me that mineral stuff is better than bare minerals? i dunno. "bare" just sounds so...nude... i might have to try it. since you say so.

Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

I love the eye primer!

huongie said...

cousins, i feel so left out.

cousin #3

Lynnda said...

I love the timewise 3-in-1 cleanser (combo to oily, of course...) :)

Kearsie said...

I'm all about having soft hands. I don't like it rough. twss.

Anonymous said...

I like the Mary Kay® Ultimate Mascara™ in Black. Because anything with the word Ultimate in it is probably, well, the Ultimate.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I used to have that satin hands cream set - awesome stuff!

Dee Crowe said...

I love me some mascara..and I love Mary Kay case I have a good cry...don't wanna look like Tammy Faye Baker when I'm cryin!

Anonymous said...

Mary Kay mascara is the best. It doesn't clump!

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