Tuesday, March 27, 2012

it probably wasn't jesus. or tom. but still. i covered up my windows the next day.

i live on a small lake. they call it that to raise the property value. i'm okay with that. and for the longest time, i was okay with not having window treatments on any of the back windows and glass doors. it kept my hubby from walking around in his boxers. the view is serene.

but a little over a year ago, li'l tot ran to my room in the middle of the night crying. she had gotten up to go potty. and when she was washing her hands, she said she saw jesus. outside. staring though the glass door. and he was black. dude. we vote for jesus every time. but this time? um. idk. i mean. if she had seen him in the mirror, probably i'd be okay. probably.

i put her back into bed and told her that there was nothing to fear if it was jesus. and she fell asleep. and then i stayed awake until the sun came up. i shoved breakfast down my girls' throats when they woke up and drove them to home depot. to buy blinds and curtains. did you know they open at six am? well they do. <--- i feel like an ad-in-script. you know. like when you're watching a show and the one guy is like. wow, you can park like a mothah. and then lady is like. it's because of the thirty back-up cameras and motion sensors (along with artificial intelligence) they put on my 2012 toyota prius.

anyhow. my back windows and glass doors now have window treatments that i close every night.

and all this was just to let you know: i finally made window treatments for my girls' bookshelf dollhouses. bam.

ps. have you entered my mary kay giveaway? win a lip gloss and mineral eye color set! open your curtains and let the world see pretty!

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Insanitykim said...

Too bad it wasn't vartan...I bet if it were there would have been a whole different use, or misuse of fabric...

I don't know what that means.

Those curtains are awesome. I want to wear them on my eyes.

I don't know what that means either.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

wow. creepy. I bet you bought some thick curtains.

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