Wednesday, March 21, 2012

it's gumdrop candy sweet how they're just so in love with dollhouses. and that's what i tell folks to cover up my own obsession.

lately i've been looking at dollhouses. and i wanted one. for my girls. of course. and i found an intricate tutorial on how to make a two-story dollhouse. so i set out to have my hubby build one. but then i was like. man. i'd have to have my hubby build two. my girls share anything like it's got chocolate and fairy dust on it. so that idea was scrapped pretty quickly.

i went back to the drawing board aka pinterest. and that's when i saw the genius idea to transform a bookcase into a dollhouse. let me tell you friends. i have two bookcases that are made up of three units that are split in half and have two shelves each. and because i can't figure out exactly how many sections that makes - and because i'm not about to get up out of my seat and count the sections, i'm just going to let you know that i cleared out enough space to create two dollhouses.

my hubby measured and cut out additional "walls". and i wallpapered the walls with scrapbooking paper. my hubby found some old paneling and gave the dollhouse wood flooring. then he attached the extra walls. additional touches include puck lighting in each room and air conditioning. also. i'm kidding on the a/c. it's more like an oscillating fan. basically, i blow into the dollhouse using a side to side motion. this ventilates the rooms. and gets the dust out of the cracks.

from there, i simply added - and am still adding - decorative accents.

i made little windows - each with a lovely view outside. (i used a frame die and added on cross bars. i cut out pics from magazines and attached them onto the back. with glue.)

i made beds. (i used soap boxes and scrapbooking papers. and glue.)

i made pillows. (i used blood, sweat, and tears. and maybe i used glue. but not in the way you're supposed to use it.)

i made chairs. (i used a shoe box and cut out strips and folded them into the chair shape. and glue.) and i made a table. (i used a tiny vintage plate and glue caps. and glue.)

oh wait. before i made all these items, i had to find the perfect doll. have you heard of lalaloopsy? bam. one: they fit in well with the whole whimsical feel of the dollhouse. and two: their heads are so big that they flop from side to side. idk. i can pick any reason i want.

now. keep in mind. i still have much more to do. i'm currently working on curtains. and a bathtub. and a bomb shelter. or anything that requires glue. white school glue, to be exact. i love peeling off the dried glue from my fingers. i always pretend i'm a spy taking off my fake fingerprints when i do that. also. i used that last line in my previous post. you can look for it and pretend you're a spy, too. without all the mess. yay!

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Insanitykim said...

The most exciting thing is I saw the apples to apples game in the bookcase that I got for your girls! I think about me all the time...

The lolopoopsie dolls should play apples to apples. But, if they got a papercut they would die. The glue fumes might kills them too...while you're at it build a hospital.

So hard core.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Coolest idea ever. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Love it Winn! I've said to myself, maybe even out loud, that I need to buy a small bookcase and do just the same. Unfortunately, you've seen the space in my house. Guess we'll just have to come play at yours! Fun project!

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