Thursday, August 16, 2012

i'm living the li'l mad life now.

this is the scoop.  i'm letting wendiwinn rest.  
i'm not getting any younger.  or saner.  so i've decided to embrace the li'l mad life.
that just means i started another blog.  boom.


and maybe one day - when i've completely lost my mind - i'll come back and tell you about all the new stuff i like.  

thanks for the past years.  it's been a blast.  

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The Empress said...

Aww, It always makes me sad to see this happen,b ut I get it.

I get it.

It happens a lot, and I understand.

I remember finding you, over two years ago, and thinking what an interesting, pretty, high tech looking blog you had: so clean and attractive and organized.

Your personality came through in your posts.

Really: you did a tremendous job.

GOOD LUCK. GOOD THINGS, I pray for them to come your way. Enjoy the peace and newly found time.


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